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Hannah Gardiner

Live Art, Sculpture, Installations, collaborations and Random Musings

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!! NEWS !! My next projects will be presented at Montreal University as part of the encounter of The Hemispheric Institute of Performance and Politics (June 2014)




I will be writing this year with my collaborator Alejandro Chellet a Community Manifesto of Art and Permaculture. We want as many people to be involved as possible!! To be part of the project please give your opinion here:






"new metaphors have the power to create new reality . . . this can happen when
we start to comprehend our experience in terms of metaphor, and it becomes a
deeper reality when we begin to act in terms of it . . . If a new metaphor enters
the conceptual system that we base our action on, it will alter that conceptual
system and the perceptions and actions that the system gives rise to"
Lakoff, G., & Johnson, M. (2003). Metaphors we live by.


I am an artistic soul. I am have always participated in various creative practices, from contemporary and classical dance or theatre, to sculpture and video. I come from Devon originally, and as such have a strong connection to the countryside and nature.

Many of my family live in London and I moved there in 2010 to work as an artist assistant; this monstrous, smelly, huge metropolis both shocked and inspired me. The psychic ripples spurred strong images to arise, at the same time I was introduced to the Live Art/Action Art scene, so and began to make Performance Art.

I think often metaphorically, and through my contorted visions I find much of life humorous (which often causes bouts of laughter at the bottom of escalators, much to the surprise of other transport passengers)

My art is an attempt to share these thoughts with the world.



Through 2010 and 2011 I performed and exhibited at a number of events small and large across the UK, including 'The Brighton Fringe' (2011) and an interdisciplinary project on Anorexia (Bath University, 2011). I also exhibited internationally at TIJD Festival (Holland, 2012) and FluxfestNYC (US, 2012).

In December 2012 I was granted 'The Artist International Development Fund' (from The British Arts Council and Arts Council England) to go and make Punto Social Temporal in Sao Paulo, Brazil. This was a social experiment which took the form of an Urban Intervention.

During the final part of 2014 I have been working with various people in Mexico City, including the multidisciplinary collective 'Humus'.



contact: hannahgardiner1@hotmail.com

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